A Disability Website Inspiring South-West Sydney

Website makes lasting impression to web visitors. Our website gives first impression of our business. To ensure success and engagement, our website should deliver our message clearly in a language our visitors can easily understand. Our homepage must communicate the site’s purpose in a clear message. Many websites fail to communicate the purpose of their site to visitors on their homepage causing them to lose valuable leads and sales. A lot of people want to make an enquiry when they look at our site. One of the first things most people are looking for is our phone number so they can direct their inquiry live. If you make it a hassle for people to get in touch with you, you lose a possible customer.

We need to think like a visitor when we are analysing our website from inside and out to find opportunities for improvement. We take a look at www.disabilitymacarthur.org.au a disability website which is inspiring people in the South-West Sydney. The physical and emotional strain of caring for children with disability can be exhausting. Disability Macarthur provides social support and care to families with children with disability. They believe that people with disabilities are also healthy; they are just not able to do certain things. Social support they provide includes integration with family, friends and community so they can live a rich and fulfilling life. They created programs to support the specific needs of families in their local community. Their philosophy is to provide the opportunity to get kids connected with their family and the community. This take the form of respite, group activities and outings, workshops and counselling, support networks and special custom designed programs for individual needs.

Disability Macarthur’s site has a simple and clear message that visitors can understand at first glance. The website’s purpose can be seen clearly on the homepage. A quick glance on the homepage can let the visitor see that it is a website that is intended to help people with disability either physical or intellectual. They used the word “disability” plus they added the locality on their URL so the search engines can easily categorise the website for the appropriate keywords. The choice of colour in the layout is refreshing and easy on the eyes. It is visually appealing, accomplished and professional. Another important feature of the site is the navigation. It has well-structured pages for clear navigation. The information on the site is arranged in a simple and structured way. They added sub-pages to the top navigation to organize information in specific categories that make a logical flow. When visitors visit the site they have an easier time navigating the relevant information they need.

Disability Macarthur used a clear and error-free language that encourages visitors to read more information. Visitors of different nationalities can even view the website on their own language by selecting their preferred language. The website is designed for functionality and usability, every component of the site works quickly and correctly. The page loads in less than 20 seconds with minimal scrolling required. The site conveys relevant content that can help visitors understand more about disabilities. The content on the site have substance and displayed in a simple and clear manner. Visitors looking for information on disabilities will find relevant information on the site increasing their confidence on the sites knowledge and competence.

If you have a website or planning to develop one in the future, it’s important to understand what makes a great website. A poorly built site can break the effectiveness of your online investment. It can hurt your business rather than help it. A good example of a well-designed site is Disability Macarthur. The site reflects the best practices on appearance, content, functionality, usability and search engine optimisation. Contact us, if you’re looking for website design and development. We build awesome websites.