Business Loans SEO: Fierce Competition

The financial services industry is a particularly competitive industry when it comes to search engine optimisation. Everyone is competing to appear on the top of page 1 on Google. This page is crowded with established banks and credit unions. The competition is fierce and it is really difficult to break into this space. SEO can be extremely challenging for independent loan companies offering business loans because of fierce competition from multinational banks with large marketing budgets and specialised SEO services agencies. If your small loan company wants top ranking for business loans, so does every big bank. SEO has become a top priority for these banks. Despite the competition, there are plenty of opportunities to achieve top ranking in Google. And even small financial players can build business if they have proper business loans SEO strategy in place.

A national bank or loan company is likely to be #1 in Google results for  business loans or personal loans. Getting on top of page 1 is nearly impossible for small companies, unless they have a big budget and willing to commit to an SEO strategy that is longer than a year. Expecting to be on page 1 for a short period of time is unrealistic, especially in the financial industry which is inhabited by banks and credit unions that have been doing SEO for a long time. Page 1 is surely crowded but there’s no reason why you can’t rank on top for 4 or 5 word keyphrase like debt consolidation personal loans that describes your business and services.

If you’re an independent loan company, SEO needs to be in your top priority from the beginning of your marketing strategy to achieve optimal result. Try to compete with larger financial institutions SEO by focusing on going local, targeting audience demographics and business specialties. Your business loans SEO can outperform the giants in the Google results by concentrating your efforts and sticking to a plan. If you really want to rank on top target other high traffic keyphrases that have massive traffic that will bring in large number of inquiries through your site. You can win the battle by using 3-5 keyword phrases or long tail keywords that are focused on your locality, audience and financial service specialties. Aside from benefiting your business loans SEO program, these long-tail keyphrases can be used effectively in social media marketing and paid search campaigns. PPC can also help secure top ranking on your competitive keyphrases, combining PPC with your solid SEO will help you fight the fierce competition for Google driven visitors.

Smaller independent loan companies can also achieve wins if they persevere and write long pages of quality fresh content, e.g. up to 1500 words per landing page. Use your keyphrases list throughout your content. Fresh content not only appeal to visitors but more so to search engine which is picked up quicker and indexed. There are variety of ways to add fresh content to our site, you can add a social media stream to your homepage, create a blog or feature news and events that are specific to your target audience. Write quality content for human readers on specific topics related to your business in fascinating way. Post your content on social media and try to engage your readers to help build traffic to your site and gain search engine authority.

Integrate the use of social media platforms in your SEO efforts because they are beneficial for brining inbound links to your website. Optimise your social media content, descriptions and maintain regular activity by posting your fresh content, liking, pinning, tweeting to add credibility to your site and influence your ranking. Add value to your site by embedding links, when other sites link back to your site you gain more credibility. Provide useful information and you’re sure to attract more visitors that will give more links to your site. Use internal linking strategy by linking to pages on your site for search engines to crawl it easier.

Try to boost your search traffic by removing your site name on the title tag and replacing it with more SEO oriented title. Replace the meta tags with keywords that best describe your business or services. Monitor your site’s performance to adjust your strategy and maintain competitive ranking for your loan company. To be successful in your business loans SEO against the fierce competition, you need to keep up with search engine algorithm changes. If you find the ever-changing nature of search engine algorithms complex, you’ll be more successful hiring an SEO agency dedicated to the job. Share your marketing goals with them to ensure your site will rank on top amid the competition.