Harnessing Local Business Listings For SEO Purposes

Attracting new customers can be a major challenge for a local business. Gone were the days when people will use the Yellow Pages to find business near their area. Today, people use the internet to find product or services they need before making a purchase – both via computers and mobile phones.  Local business information is available with just a click or tap. A business with a strong local search presence increases its brand exposure and search real estate bringing customers directly to their door. While many people uses search engine for information, a large portion of them find their way to local business listings. To be easily found online, it is crucial even for small businesses to be included in these online directories.

Local business listings on search engines show the physical location of your business with all the relevant information such as your website, contact numbers and hours of operation. It is important to ensure your site appears in local listing on Google and other major search engines because the vast majority of visitors will only look at page 1 when searching for information. Ensure your (NAP) business name, address and phone number is correctly listed on your website. Use the exact same details and format when you register on business directories to maintain consistency. It’s very important to have your business listed consistently in these local listings. Inconsistencies can reduce the effectiveness of local SEO campaign. Getting listed can help promote your business among local audience, who can be converted to customers. It’s basically like the traditional concept of advertising in yellow pages or the local newspaper like the ACM Group on the White Pages.  Harness the power of local business listings to develop a positive online reputation for your business.

Google and all the major search engines such as Yahoo or Bing offer business listings. It is not only easy to set up but also free of charge. Validating your business in these local listings can help expand your site visibility, increase traffic, attract more customers, reduce marketing cost and assist in your optimisation efforts. Choose the right categories for your business in local listings and add unique detailed description that is formatted consistent with your business information and include links to your website. Make sure that your NAP is featured on every page when you register your site. Use the exact same information and format when you mention your business address on other websites and directories to maintain consistency for effective local SEO campaign.

The number of online local searches is growing every year. Optimising  your website for local searches is important in your marketing strategy. Local SEO helps you target people in the area where your business is established. Utilising local SEO can ensure that your key information appear on the first page of the local search for your industry. It’s becoming increasingly important to get found by your target market easily online to build your consumer base.

Having your business included in as many business directories is important for local SEO. This is an additional resource that will deliver your information to search engine directly via the local directory platform. Business listings not only have substantial brands to drive traffic but also they do well in organic search ranking. Links to your site and local citations can help your business to rank well in national and organic search as well as in Google+ Places results. Backlink from local listings are used by Google to determine website authority.

If you can’t get your website rank high for specific search term, you can still appear on the local business listings that rank for that term. When visitor searches a keyword for your industry or location, your profile page might be on top of the search results. Local business listing is valuable for local SEO and local business marketing. Be sure to research the right directories and have your business placed in the right category at the top of the first page, if possible. Monitor the directories for reviews, tips, engagement and analytics to determine which listing is giving you the most benefit.