Healthcare Websites in Focus

According to a research by Greystone, the health care industry is lagging in terms of digital marketing. In fact, the study concluded that health care institutions and organisations as a whole may need to further their efforts online to gain more digital footprint. That being said, businesses in this industry are commended for actively using their websites in their marketing strategies.

Statistics for Your Healthcare Website

If you practice chiropractic therapy and you wish to have a fantastic visual chiropractor’s website, these statistics might help you:

  • In terms of Content Management System (CMS), 27 percent of web designers and developers use open source tools.
  • 51 percent have the intentions of or have started changing and/or updating their CMS.
  • 45 percent of the respondents plan to redesign or restructure their websites.
  • The three top Key Performance Indicators of a website are number of page or site views, number of unique visitors and an increase in site visitors.
  • 79 percent of the pollsters think that a functional website is a must.

Elements of a Good Healthcare Website

  • Responsive

Your website should be responsive and can be navigated or viewed properly when using other platforms or devices. This is a must since more than half of the people in the United States alone are active smartphone and tablet users. More importantly, it is seen that by 2017, almost 90 percent of the online traffic will be from smartphones and other handheld devices.

  • Design

A good healthcare website has a modern design. It should be able to augment the presentation or dissemination of the information found on your site. Incorporating relevant images or videos will definitely make your website more appealing to the audience.

  • Easy to understand

Information on your website should be accessed easily in a way that visitors need not to perform extensive navigation on your site just to extract the data they need. More so, the call-to actions (CTAs) of your website should be consistent and sensible.

  • Optimised

Apart from having a visually pleasing web design and being responsive, your website should have contents that are optimised for search engine results. In doing so, your prospective clients will see what products or services your business are offering. For a more optimised result, you can research on your target consumers and find out what they are looking for in a certain product or service. For instance, if you sell nutraceuticals, incorporate keywords that are related on nutraceuticals in your content.