Online Learning: The Art of Love

It is said that tantric sex will help us bounce back from the stresses and pressures that we come up against from our day-to-day activities. That being said, most people still get the wrong idea about it. Tantric sex, or tantra, is not freaky sex nor pure Kama Sutra or doing some sort of exotic sex position. As a matter of fact, it is a part of the ancient Hindu culture where couples engage in slow and intimate sex. In here, a mind-body connection that induces intense orgasm is established.

Practising tantric sex is encouraged and can be performed by anyone who is looking to fire up their sex life. Moreover, it presents an opportunity for us to balance and coalesce our manly and womanly energies so that we can feel whole once more. Tantra is love and is a part of our sexuality; therefore, tantra is life. Here are some ways on how you can bring out the inner tantric lover in you:

1. Open your senses

Whenever you are in bed with your partner, open your senses and concentrate on what he/she feels like, tastes like, looks like and sounds like in that very moment. Do not liken it with other encounters you had with other people, but instead focus on what would it feel like when you shift your bodies in unison.

2. Let go of your inhibitions

You can start by switching off your lights and try to shut away from the rest of the world. Hang loose and concentrate on shifting your energy throughout your body. With great force, wobble your limbs to enliven yourself.

3. Experiment

Put in play various types of touches, such as fondling gently and a firm rub-down. The goal here is to intensify the sensations in a relaxed but passionate way. If done well, you can keep the sex and pleasure going on for hours.

4. Cogitate on your breathing

If your mind starts to drift off to somewhere else, re-focus on your respiration pattern. As your partner breathe out, breathe in and vice versa. Through this, you can make the connection that exists between you be better.

5. Never call it a day

If you can’t keep on doing it for a longer time, try again. Tantric sex takes time and a lot of practice before you can perfect it.

After making love, you can end it by engaging in a solicitous conversation or cuddling.